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Erick and Caroline, London, UK

When you first meet Erick and Caroline it will be immediately apparent to you the richness of their expressions. Being quite playful on the outside and quite emotional deep inside, one can see them switch from holding back tears to busting out a victory dance in matter of seconds.

Wiping the groom’s tears of joy.

A magical day

And this is what makes this wedding “magical” as they themselves call it. They might have attempted to decorate and theme the wedding with Disney fantasy, but to me just the moments of genuine emotions – whether its Erick’s tears of anxiety and anticipation at the end of the aisle… or Caroline throwing herself around Erick’s sister in a long embrace – they look as though they came straight from movie scenes already.

The bride and the groom’s sister.

Thank you Erick and Caroline for having me at their dream wedding. I certainly walked away awestruck as though leaving the theatre having watched a timeless classic!


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