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Sahul and Rachel, London, UK

Having worked in the Barbican area before, I am no stranger to the tall slender spires of the churches dotted around the area. Out of them St James Clerkenwell had stood out for me, not because of its architectural merits, but the fact that the elegant building remains one of the few that remains a thriving church, not clinging onto Anglican traditions but an outward looking approach to reach out to the world outside.

Front of St. James Clerkenwell

A classic Church Crypt

I guess this is part of the reason why Rachel and Sahul had their wedding here – not just the ceremony but the reception in the crypt as well. It contained a certain grandiose in the setting but none of the “unreachableness” of a high church. A few simple fairy lights with flowers dot around the venue which plainly needs no extravagant make-over, and that is sufficient to create a warm home-y atmosphere for guests to celebrate the occasion in its purest form.

Many thanks to Sahul and Rachel for having me at their wedding!

Brick vaulted ceiling with a grand antique clock.


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