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Prom Praise for School 2017, London, UK

It’s back!

I enjoyed photographing Prom Praise for the past years but in a way I am even more excited for Prom Praise for School. In essence it is an abbreviated version retaining the full glory of its musical brilliance; yet when the audience and choir are school children completely unreserved in their expression of excitement, the chaotic and energetic atmosphere of overwhelming joy is one that you will never forget.

Therefore I am more than thrilled when PP4S announced that they will have a 2017 concert after skipping the previous year. The question is, how do you top the last concert with the 10 adorable Minions?

Wild Celebrations!

Turns out you can!

The usual Royal Albert Hall brilliance

This years storyline was the all familiar story of the Prodigal Son – there was brilliant acting from the son journeying around the entirety of the circular hall depicting his wild years, while narrated by two talented rapper.

Rapping with biblical stories!

Between scenes music pieces are supplemented by collage videos projected onto adhoc “screens” formed by the choir holding giant cloth pieces. Overall its dynamic treat of visual as well as musical indulgence.

See the full album here:

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