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Cormac and Aisling, London, UK

One difficulty with engagement photos is how to capture the couple in their natural interactions. In this day and age we are so camera aware that we often pose ourselves unknowingly, but often these postures may not look natural at all, let alone representative of your relationship.

None of the above applies to Cormac and Aisling. I remember vividly how I settled them down on the grass for their first picture, looking through the lens to observe their interactions – to gauge how much input they would need.

Turns out… none.

Nothing is more natural than a genuine laugh.

By this time they were already pinching each other playfully and making jokes, laughing as though no one else is around. At times I found that a little bit of my input is needed, but most of the time we were all just having loads of fun together. Before the shoot I told them that I aim to make it like a “big day out” – and they certainly took that very seriously!
We also specifically chose places meaningful to them – for example they spent a long time living together in Hammersmith, so we went for the tube station and its iconic suspension bridge.

Combing all these together we had a very smooth day of photoshoot, creating an album that illustrated just the fun characters Cormac and Aisling are, and the joy that springs out of their relationship.

A self-initiated race up the hill!

See the full album here:

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