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Dave and Sarah, London, UK

Being in the wedding business, no one can be innocent from over-promoting the glamour side of a wedding. From our perspective it is obviously visually attractive to have a portfolio displaying all sorts luxury touches – prestigious venue on a beach, comprehensive decorations with fresh flowers all round, finishing with a Disneyland-grade fireworks display… However this approach inevitably skews the meaning of it from the marriage to the extravagance of the day.

Behind the commercial facade obviously most of us in the industry understood this, so when it comes to our own weddings you may be surprised to find that many went for a rather “distilled” approach – not out of financial considerations but a matter of preference.


And that was exactly what Dave and Sarah aimed for in their wedding, and they are fond of that fact – very rightly so. If anything there’s a lot to be proud of – handmade jewelry from a friend for this very occasion; a whole orchestra and choir turning up to genuinely celebrate for you; Sarah’s brother putting up self-designed-and-made balloon lights for the evening; before friends forming a ceilidh band for the big dance at night – there’s lots of love in the air, not just between them but also everyone towards them.

Orchestra and Choir.

The ceilidh of the night.

It’s a big celebration in which you feel the unmistakable heartfulness of everyone involved; and that’s what I believe should be central to every wedding. So much so that this is the first wedding I mentioned as a reference to my fiance Heidi when we started planning our own wedding. We enjoyed it that much.

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