Hi, I am Denny and this is my wife Heidi. Based in London, we travel around the globe providing various photography services. Primarily we are known for our wedding photojournalist services as well as large format landscape prints.

Proudly married for 2 years now!

When did you start photography?

I had been taking photographs since 2003 when the digital age of photography dawned. Coming from a frugal family I simply cannot afford the ongoing developing costs of film photography, so I knew that as a high school student the only way I can get into this artform in the long term is to save up for a small digital camera of my own. Without any form of substantial income “saving up” is simply a better term for “skipping lunches“, but at least I survived that to get my hands onto a humble Nikon E2000.

I was henceforth known as the paparazi who smuggles camera into the school, taking pictures for experiment’s sake. This is an age when you aren’t allowed phones to call home, let alone a camera! By tucking it under my school blazer however, my inseperable bond with the imaging tool was born.

“At this point its very clear to myself that I didn’t just like photography, I have a clear passion for it.”

At this point its very clear to myself that I didn’t just like photography, I have a clear passion for it. In university I would cook my dinner, look at it and thought “I bet I can take a good picture of this” and spent the next 3 hours photographing my dinner rather than eating it.

Left: professional product photography.
Right: student dormitory chaos.

Another night I would wonder about how light works with a face at different angles – so I would put on a tripod, set some lights and take pictures of myself… then, once that’s done, delete all the pictures. (yup, even photographers hate themselves in photos)

These random tasks that I set for myself – in the most unfavourable environments – had unknowingly gave me solid experience in dealing with adverse photographic conditions. I adhered by no known “rules” of photography – I charted out my own territory and that made my skill flexible to demands and adapting to challenges.

Pictured: A photographer in search of the excellent picture at the cost of his own elegance

Wedding photography… happened. Accidentally.

All these suddenly comes into play in 2010, when a friend asked me to step in as a back up photographer for his wedding. Had I realised my crushing responsibility of keeping memories for them for the rest of their lives, I may not have taken it on – but young and innocent I was.

Strangely the newlyweds – out of their own amazement as much as my own – preferred my photos over those of the primary photographer. Words began to spread about my capacity as a wedding photographer, and a new page of my life had begun – by accident.

Working at -13°C in Switzerland. Burning passion insulates against cold I guess?

Fast forward a few years, and my photography career has matured in depth and grown internationally covering weddings from snowy scenes of Luzern to the tropical volcanic island of Tenerife. Back in UK I am also honoured to cover presitgious venues such as the 15th Century Royal Palace of Hatfield House and the pinnacle of musical theatres, the Royal Albert Hall.
I still enjoy very much what I do with the same burning passion I began with, which drives me to devoting further thoughts and efforts in improvements. For me photography had been a journey of fascinating discoveries around every corner – and I will never rest to explore what excitement lies in wait ahead.
“For me photography had been a journey of fascinating discoveries around every corner.”
 Be sure to check out my philosophy as well.

In front of a gorgeous sunset, even the most careful photographer can forget about the risk of a paparazzi fiance behind him.